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When horses are on a low calorie or restricted diet due to weight or underlying medical conditions there is a requirement to ensure that they are still receiving essential vitamins and minerals in their diet to maintain good health.

Show and glow light is a reduced calorie version of the Original Show and Glow Formula with 50% less oil content, suitable for Traditional, Cobs, Native types and good doers that do not require additional calories.

A comprehensive balancer also rich in pre and pro biotics to maintain gut health, it is easy to feed with a  slightly dampened with a handful of light chaff.

Show and Glow Light has been formulated free from Biotin which may cause irritation to the skin.

Supporting digestive health, maintaining condition of the skin, coat and good quality hoof growth, cell renewal and regeneration. Low in starch and sugar suitable supplementary feedstuff for Lamanitic’s, EMS and Cushing’s prone horses and ponies

Ingredients:                                                                                                                      Equibalancer Light vitamin and mineral base mix, Calcium carbonate, Micronised linseed meal, pre and pro biotics

Typical composition of Equibalancers Light Base mix: Calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, calcium salts, fish oil, di-calcium phosphate

Calcium 12.18%, Magnesium 0.56%, Sodium 4.91%, Phosphorus 1.13%, Selenium 30mg/kg

Vitamins – Vitamin A 500000iu/kg, Vitamin D3 100000iu/kg, Vitamin E 2000iu/kg, Vitamin B2 350mg/kg, Vitamin B6 100mg/kg, Vitamin B12 750mcg/kg, Calcium-D-pantothenate 500mg/kg, Niacin 125mg/kg, Choline chloride 500mg/kg

Trace Elements – Cobalt carbonate 180mg/kg, Iron 13333mg/kg, Iodine 472mg/kg, Manganese 4032mg/kg, Selinium 66.7mg/kg, Zinc 11111mg/kg

Micro-organisms – Saccharomyces cerevisiae 23 10 9CFU kg  Anitoxidants – Ethoxyquin 3mg/kg, Butylated hydroxyanisole 3mg/kg

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