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Its that time of year where it is more important to take extra care of those laminitis prone horses and ponies, Choose AntiLam Pro for nutritional support from .

AntiLam Pro is a complete balanced vitamin and mineral formula, high in Zinc, biotin and omega oils to help promote healthy hoof growth, high grade turmeric gold with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and encapsulated live yeast supporting hind gut health.

AntiLam Pro contains no bulking agents which can increase starch levels in other products, our very low levels of both sugar and starch make it suitable for EMS and Cushing diagnosed diets.

AntiLam Pro is only effective as part of a full program including correct feeding, farriery and exercise. 

What our customers say

“Can’t believe the difference since feeding Anti-Lam Pro, we are back in full work and looking forward too our first competition at the weekend” C Daniels

“We started using Anti-Lam Pro as part of the trials last year, Frankie had been prone to laminitis in the past and fortunately since starting on this product we have not had any occurrences”M Abler

“I am amazed at the difference we have seen since starting to use Anti-Lam Pro we are able to maintain showring condition and stay sound, we are also managing a few hours turnout each day with no issues”P Munro

“We have tried many supplements with pickles over the last few summers and nothing has worked as well as this one, we will certainly be choosing equibalancer products in the future” Mrs S Knight

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