Equibalancer Supplements

Equibalancer is a complete formula; it balances the vitamin and mineral intake to a natural level, supplying the horse with a daily allowance at the correct level to maintain health, alongside the vitamins and minerals it also contains a gut balancer, as many horses will suffer from an overactive digestive system which is often the cause of behaviour problems, stress and anxiety in and out of the stable, the gut balancer calms the passage of food through the digestive track allowing better absorption of the essential nutrients and enabling the horse to optimise the food that is being fed. Finally it was important to add oil to the supplement as many minerals are absorbed in the latter part of the digestive system and the oil allows transit to take place and maximum absorption.

Because all Equibalancer products are a complete balanced supplement they should be fed daily, the ration should be split between bucket feeds, unless you are feeding a joint supplement or medication no other supplements such as calmers should be fed with Equibalancer.

So what difference should you see when feeding Equibalancer products?

Within 2 weeks of feeding we would expect you to see a change in the coat of your horse it should become softer and silkier with an improved shine, the general temperament will become more relaxed and when ridden should find it easier to focus and maintain concentration. Equibalancer is not a miracle and all horses are individuals, it will not turn a pleasure pony into a grand prix dressage horse or cure a multitude of conditions. What it will do is supply a complete balance of vitamins and minerals to the diet, improve digestion and general wellbeing the rest is down to you.

Equibalancer Supplements

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